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Combine Supplier Information Degree of the Evaluation Model In Analytic Hierarchy Process For InformationSystem Outsourcing Project
The progress of the Internet and technology era, the suppliers of electronic enterprises have developed from the internal area to the phenomenon of cross-border cooperation, and its global scope. The impact of globalization, enterprises in the choice of procurement sources of supply of materials, also become more cumbersome and complex. However, in order to maintain the quality of enterprise products procurement, supplier selection will become an important issue to consider the direction of corporate procurement.
There are many ways to make evaluation for hierarchy process of information system outsourcing project. Ceng Junkai (2010) said that application of hierarchical analysis of group decision-making for information service outsourcing selection, the establishment of strategy and management, economy, technology and quality, resources, four major dimensions.
From the information system outsourcing of 40 possible selection of indicators, the integration of 26 more likely to affect the factors, in response to cloud technology from the original basic structure with information sharing degree of facets, classified as operational capacity, Service ability, professional and technical ability, external evaluation, information level and price, and use the AHP to calculate the weight of each criterion and explore the importance of each criterion. In view of this, by the preparation of the assessment of enterprises in the choice of information systems outsourcing suppliers of the scale, to provide enterprises in the choice of information systems outsourcing suppliers to reference.
The outsourcing of professional and technical capabilities of suppliers, for the operation of the enterprise's information system a great impact. Therefore, to the first level structure of professional competence is nothing wrong is the choice of enterprises in the information system outsourcing suppliers are most concerned about the issue. In addition, the supplier's internal operating capacity, outsourcing project management capabilities and excellent staff quality, but also affect the operation of information systems, the key factors, therefore, the supplier's operating capacity is often companies in the choice of information systems outsourcing Business of the key factors.

The rise of cloud technology, the degree of information sharing for information systems has been paid more and more attention by many enterprises. Through the analysis of AHP indicator weight, it is found that the importance of the information level of the new facet has surpassed that of the outside basic As for the evaluation aspect, it can be seen that in the process of choosing the outsourcing business, enterprises need timely online support and problem-solving services, which has been gradually paid attention to, accounting for 12.9% of the six dimensions. Support capacity for the most attention, we can see that the rise of the cloud, enterprises in the choice of information systems outsourcing suppliers, the cloud of e-commerce capabilities to be considered one of the elements. Enterprises in the choice of information system outsourcing supplier, the first system will be able to smooth operation and import as the main basis for suppliers in addition to the project team members need to do some screening, Also need to strengthen the expertise and project progress management, and through the rise of the cloud technology, enhance online real-time services for enterprises and support, thereby enhancing the quality of service to achieve a win-win situation.